Today is Thursday, April 2, 2020
People who love to eat are good people.
1.  Buffalo Chicken Wrap 9.29

Marinated grilled chicken smothered in buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomato, w/ your choice of blue cheese ro ranch dressing.

2.  Chili

3.  Chicken Tenders & Fries 9.29

Fresh Chicken tenders w/ an side order of fresh cut fries.

4.  Greek Salad 8.99

Mixture of spring mix, red onion, cucumbers, & tomatoes w/ your choice of dressing

5.  Italian Wedding

6.  Cabbage Soup

7.  Antipasto Italiano 9.99

Whole wheat bread topped w/ ham, pepperoni, & prosciutto, provolone cheese, red onion, banana peppers, black olives, & Italian herb dressing finished panini style w/ a side of pasta salad.

8.  Muffaletta Madness 9.99

A soft tool w/ garlic butter spread grilled & topped w mortadella, salami, provolne & hame finished w/ fresh greens & Italian herb dressing served w. a side of pasta salad