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Educational DVD's for the Aspiring, and Professional Photographer

4 Steps to Perfect Portraits
Text book on CD
4 Steps to Perfect Portraits is the first educational product you should own. You must start at the beginning, learn the basic fundamentals of posing and lighting before you can truly become creative. While you may think "Lighting" is the key to flattering portraits, it is actually the posing that is the key. You probably find yourself using reflectors and fill flash to remove/reduce shadows in your portraits, when the problem was really the incorrect posing technique.

You don't learn creative posing and lighting by attending endless workshops, or purchasing DVD's that show you "Flow Posing", "12 Poses in 12 Minutes", and other quick fixes.

I don't even like to sell my Creative concepts to beginners. They just fall into the pattern of trying to "copy" my poses without understanding the basics that allow me to create images with consistency.

Beautiful portraits are carefully created, not randomly created.

There are over 35 PDF pages of text you download and put in a binder for reference.

Also included is my unique Correct-A-Pose Tool. It allows you to match your images to a selection of incorrect poses I created. When you fin the match, you click the incorrect image, and you will be taken to the correct pose and you can see how to fix your images.


Posing & Lighting
Part 1

If you really want to master your craft, you need to watch these 2 videos...over and over again.

1. Start with learning how to setup studio lighting.  When your lights are set up correctly, you can begin to learn how to pose and light your subjects. Even if you don't plan on doing studio type portraits, this video will teach you the basic lighting techniques you will use for window light and outdoor portraits.

2. Next you learn how to "Pose" your subjects. There actually is a correct, or "more flattering" way to Pose and Light your subjects. There are "angles" of the face and body we position to create flattering portraits.

3. When you learn the basic fundamentals of Posing, Lighting Patterns, and Light Direction, Softbox Control and more... you can move on to Part 2 and learn the creative flattering poses.




Posing & Lighting
Part 2

Learn how to create the 2/3 rd's View, sometimes called the "Glamour Pose".

Learn to pose Couples and Small Groups and how to your subject's "Hands", in your images.

There is no "Hype" here. I will teach you "How to Pose and Light" people. I don't give you 10 poses you try and "memorize". Instead, I give you the tools to be creative, control your sessions, and get flattering images of your clients EVERY time you click the shutter.

I teach you to create "In the Camera, not in the Computer".
Photoshop "Fixes" blemishes and stray hairs, it does not create flattering portraits.

Once you master the "Fundamental Posing and Lighting Techniques" you will learn from these 2 videos, you will have the power to create beautiful images of every one of your clients-EVERY TIME!!!


Window Light

We all like to create "Natural Looking" portraits. The most natural looking images are created without "Flash Fill" using only existing light.

Problem you may have get harsh shadows. What you will learn with this DVD, is that you can eliminate those shadows by posing and lighting your subjects correctly.

You need to learn how to pose and light your subjects correctly first by watching the first 2 DVD's I have created. When you learn the rules, then you apply them by employing the techniques in this DVD.


All "Compositions" need to be composed correctly. Learn how the "Rule of Thirds" will give you the basis to create more interesting compositions of people pictures, or landscapes. Then learn how to incorporate your subjects into the landscapes.


How Things Work

How Things Work is a group of technical topics that most new photographers have heard about, but just don't quite fully understand, and don't know who to ask.

Learn about- radio slaves, off camera flash, bounce light, "Why are my backgrounds so dark", lighting large rooms, auto/manual flash, "Why should I use a flash bracket, and tripods",  manual camera settings. "How does light work"....Fstops / Shutterspeeds....and more, and "What is that Depth of Field" stuff all about.

Once you purchase How Things Work, you will receive any new information associated with these small technical things that come up from time to time. Pay once, receive forever!!!


21 Habits of a
Successful Photographer

30 Years in The Making!!!

This is one of my favorite DVD's. It is a compilation of the ideas and concepts I employed in the business side of my Studio operations. Nothing is held back, it is an "in your face" account of what I did, and what you can do today to improve your skills, and increase your business.

It might sound like a cliché, but this information is priceless, for aspiring and established professional photographers.


Creative Concepts

When you are looking for new ideas, techniques, concepts, inspiration, or you are just "stuck in a rut"...this is the DVD for you. It will help to learn the basics, but even if you are a seasoned professional, you will gain a lot of insight into the way I think when creating my images.

This DVD contains over 120 images with accompanying descriptions about the pose, lighting, composition, and some down to earth comments about the our craft.

It's like sitting in my living room asking me 1000 questions about how I do what I do.

This DVD includes "proof sheets" you can print out and take on assignment with you. This DVD contains Wedding images, but you can apply the techniques to any type of portrait photography.


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