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Wedding and Portrait
Posing and Lighting School

Are you tired of taking 50 different images on a portrait session, only to have your client "settle" for one they could "find"?

Are you tired of taking over 1000 images on a wedding to experience the same results?

Are you tired of struggling with your lighting?

Would you like to be "in control" on every assignment?

Would you like to know exactly how to position your clients so they look comfortable and relaxed in every image you create?

Would you like to know how to create award winning compositions on every wedding?

Would you like to create perfect portrait in your studio, or with window light, on location anywhere?

Would you like to be able to step into any scene, evaluate the compositional elements, place you subjects exactly where they should be, and create a beautiful, flattering portrait for them?

If you have finally realized there was more to becoming a professional portrait and wedding photographer than simply taking "Photojournalistic Candids" are ready to start learning the Craft.

Yes, this is a "Craft", it is not an art.

When you do learn the techniques, you become an artist. you will be able to create, but you will do it with total control.

School is in!!!

The sessions run for 6 months.

You will be given assignments based on the equipment you presently own, and the goals you want to achieve.

Example: If you don't own studio equipment, and expect to only be doing weddings on location, we will create a curriculum tailored to have you creating beautiful award winning compositions for your wedding couples.

If you want to develop a studio portrait business to photograph high school seniors, I will help you decide on the right studio lights, soft boxes, and other equipment and pros you will need to get you started and moving in the right direction.

Your lessons are customized for YOU. I work with each student individually. You start learning from day one. If you do your "homework", you will be creating beautiful portraits in a few weeks.

The faster you do your assignments and make the corrections I advise, the faster you will progress.

This is a "technique", it is not "random ideas" based on my idea of creativity. You will be told the rules of posing, lighting, and composition. My critiques of your work will be based on those rules, not on my subjective opinions of what i want you to create.

Once you have mastered theses techniques, YOU will be creating your own images, with your own style.

Contact Information: Email   866-283-8323