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Educational Materials - Video/DVD - Pose Guides

I have created a series of videos that will teach you the fundamentals of Posing, Lighting, and Composition. Many photographers think they only need to know about lighting. The truth is, you have to pose people "correctly" to light them. If you experience problems with bad shadows on your subjects faces, with studio, or window light, the real problem is the pose, not the light. I will show you how to fix these problems and show you how to create flattering portraits for your clients.


Posing and Lighting School

My videos will teach you all the rules you need to know about creating portraits. but, the real way to learn, is to have a "teacher" review your work, and provide a constructive critique of your progress. You follow assignments I create, then submit your work for me to analyze. I can see the small problems with your images, and help you make the adjustments required to create perfect portraits. Every portrait is created following my simple "4 Steps to Perfect Portraits" formula.

Contact Information: Email   866-283-8323