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How does my School Work?

You will be given assignments based on the equipment you now own. If you don't have a full studio light setup, don't panic. If you are an on location photographer and use only existing light, you will only need a "Main Light" to learn how to light your subjects.

If you don't have one studio type strobe, you can go to your local Home Depot and get an inexpensive shop light with a clamp, and attach it to any light stand. You can set your camera to tungsten and take your assignment images. DO NOT go out and purchase any equipment without first speaking with me about it. most stores will try and sell you their biggest, most expensive products.

Most of what you will be learning will be posing. You will be able to use any lighting equipment you have to learn the techniques.

You will be given assignments to complete. You do the assignment, send me the images by email, I will send back either a written critique, or an video analysis of your work. I will call on the phone if I can't explain what you need to adjust in an email or on a video critique.

This is a very personalized learning process. You can learn quickly, or take weeks to complete each assignment. Your results will depend on how fast you respond.

This assignment/critique process is the only real way you will truly learn the techniques required to create flattering portraits for your clients. I have made it a point to keep the prices of the class within everyone's budget.

You may like attending evening, or weekly workshops presented by our national and state associations, but you can't learn what to fix unless you have someone to help you "get it right".

My educational videos can teach you a lot, but in order to really master the craft, you need someone to review and correct your results.

Take advantage of my 25 years of professional wedding and portrait photography and business experience and let me help you improve your skills and your business.

If you are visiting my website for the first time, I hope I have convinced you that I can help you improve your skills. If you are ready to start your classes, let's get started!!!

Call me today and we can discuss your personalized study plan.